Book Amnesty

Dear parents/caregivers

Over the next few weeks we are having a book amnesty. This is an opportunity for your children to search everywhere to look for books that are part of our library and / or readers that belong to the school. Please help your children to look under beds, in cupboards, on bookshelves, in car boots, sports bags, grandparents houses and anywhere else our books might be! If you find any, please quietly return them to the office or give them to your child’s teacher. It does not matter how long you have had them we would just like them returned.

Library stocktake (excluding our French library books)

The library will be closed for a stocktake on all our books excluding our French books which are run on a separate system. We will be closing it from 23rd March to 9th April (last three weeks of term). No books will be issued during the stocktake but keep on looking for books you may have at home!

Thank you